The following members have achieved the distinguished title of Senior Right of Way Agent.

Derrick ROma

Trish Morrison

David zsido

R. stubbs

Lara bailey

E. Everett Bryan

Tanya Johnson

Scott Lachance

Patty Quinn



SR/WA Designation
SR/WA is a professional designation granted by the International Right of Way Association to members who have achieved professional status through experience, education and examination. The letters “SR/WA” denote Senior Member of the International Right of Way Association.

In 1986, the International Executive Committee of the International Right of Way Association determined there was a need for a program to recognize excellence in the right of way profession.

It is believed the program should accomplish two objectives:


  •           Award accreditation to deserving professionals in the field.
  •           Help raise the standards and improve the performance of all IRWA members     

The Board of Directors directed the International Professional Development Committee to develop the program, and the foundation of the Senior Member Program (SR/WA) was established.

This program has been developed with the intention to test the knowledge, skills and experience of each Senior Member Candidate. It demands a continuing dedication of self-improvement. This program ensures that each Candidate and Accredited Senior Member keep abreast of advances in the education, art and the technology of this dynamic and changing profession.

A ten—member International Professional Development Committee overseas the program, maintains program standards, develops the examinations and deals with eligibility inquires.

The achievement of the SR/WA designation requires courage, self-discipline, and a willingness to learn. Those who attain it become part of a recognized community of professionals dedicated to excellence.